Fabio Meazza

Empowering Youth | Inspiring Learning
Driving Global Projects | Visual Storyteller
based in Avilés, Spain


About Me

Discovering my calling through the Erasmus+ world, I embarked on a transformative journey as a Youth Worker. My insatiable curiosity and passion for empowering young minds have been the driving force behind my professional growth. With years of experience, I have honed my skills in group facilitation, leadership, and training, enriching the lives of countless youngsters from diverse backgrounds worldwide. I am committed to fostering inclusive and empowering environments where young individuals can thrive and realize their potential.

Every day, I find inspiration in the enthusiasm and dynamism of the youth I work with, which fuels my drive to never stop learning and exploring the world alongside them. I firmly believe that by staying young at heart, we can create meaningful and lasting impact. As a lifelong learner, I actively seek opportunities to develop both personally and professionally, always eager to be amazed by the world, the youth, and myself. Together, let’s continue to make a positive difference in the lives of young people and shape a brighter future.

Youth Worker

I am constantly leading groups of youngsters in different contexts, from local to international level, focusing especially on NEETs.

Project Manager

I write, organize, coordinate and implement Erasmus+ projects under any Key Action of the Programme.

Web Designer

More for fun than for a living, I like to experiment with coding and designing websites with CMS platforms.

Trainer and Facilitator

I design and deliver training courses, youth exchanges, summer camps and projects in general related with the Youth sector.


I ideate, record and edit social promo videos with my camera phone. I also deliver training sessions about media literacy.

Social Media Manager

Social networks and trends are my daily bread, for this I run the social media channels of the projects in which I’m involved.

Job Experiences

The most important and relevant job experiences and collaborations I had so far in the fields of Youth and Media Production.

Before understanding my vocation, I studied and worked in completely different fields. I have always volunteered with young people in summer camps and courses for animators for passion, realising then that this is my way, and I will try to travel on it with all my heart.


Formal Education

Degree in Tourism Sciences and local communities at “Milano-Bicocca University” with 91/110.

Master Degree in Web Marketing for Entertainment Industry, conferred by Napier Academy.

What I am doing right now and I've done so far


  • Asociación Cultural L’Ayalguina (Sep 2018 – Present) 🇪🇸
    Youth worker, trainer, facilitator and project coordinator. ayalguina.com
  • Ye Too Ponese (Nov 2018 – Present) 🇪🇸
    Youth worker, designer of activities and workshops for NEET youngsters. yetooponese.net
  • Freelance Trainer and facilitator in Erasmus+ projects (Aug 2018 – Present)
    See next section for a complete list of experiences as a trainer. 🇪🇸 🇵🇱 🇬🇪 🇨🇿 🇦🇹


  • Tierravoz Producciones (Feb 2020 – Jul 2020) 🇪🇸
    Trainer in a juvenile welfare home, delivering audiovisual workshops. tierravoz.com
  • Europa Aquí (Jan 2018 – Oct 2018) 🇪🇸
    European Voluntary Service working in the youth field, organizing workshops and events for the youth services of the municipality; focused on a project with youngsters NEET, helping with different projects related to active citizenship groups and international mobility. europaaqui.org
  • M2W Sport (June 2016 – July 2021) 🇮🇹
    Supervisor, designer, responsible for the activities of the summer camps. m2wsport.it

Youth Worker and Trainer

My passions lead me to spend my time working with young people, doing things for young people. Some of these experiences are voluntary ones, some not. I consider myself lucky to have had so many opportunities to challenge myself in different contexts and communities, always gaining a little bit more of experience and, more than all, happiness.

Through my role as a trainer and facilitator in Erasmus+ projects, I have had the privilege of being part of a transformative journey that brings together young individuals from across Europe and partner countries. These projects, generously financed by the European Union, are not just educational ventures; they are powerful platforms for fostering intercultural exchange and understanding. At the core of Erasmus+ is the objective to explore and develop various thematic areas, enriching the lives of participants through shared experiences and learning. This initiative not only bridges cultural gaps but also sows the seeds for a more cohesive and interconnected global community.

As a trainer:

  • T.C. for ESC newcomer organisations
    training organised by the Spanish NA; Oviedo 🇪🇸, Apr 2019
  • T.C. “Soft Skills for Hard Youth Workers”
    Soft Skills Development, Alicante 🇪🇸, Dec 2019
  • T.C. “Dare to Draw”
    Graphic Facilitation in Youth Work; Grotniki 🇵🇱, Sep 2021
  • T.C. for ESC newcomer organisations
    training organised by the Spanish NA; online 🌐🇪🇸, Oct 2021
  • T.C. “Employ-Abilities”
    Soft Skills for Youth Workers; Góra Kalwaria 🇵🇱, Jan 2022
  • T.C. “V.D.O. Makers”
    Social Videos Production; Tskaltubo 🇬🇪, May 2022
  • T.C. “Skills for Success”
    Soft Skills Development, Alicante 🇪🇸, Oct 2022
  • T.C. for ESC newcomer organisations
    training organised by the Spanish NA; online 🌐🇪🇸, Apr 2023
  • T.C. “Mind-Drawing!”
    Graphic Facilitation in Youth Work; Wilga 🇵🇱, Jun 2023
  • T.C. “Go Graphic!”
    Graphic Facilitation in Youth Work; Horka nad Moravou 🇨🇿, Aug 2023
  • T.C. “Youth Work 5.0”
    Digital Tools in Youth Work; StPölten 🇦🇹, Apr 2024
  • T.C. “Colourful Hands”
    Graphic Facilitation in Youth Work; Belmonte de Miranda 🇪🇸, Apr 2024
  • T.C. for ESC newcomer organisations
    training organised by the Spanish NA; Oviedo 🇪🇸, Jun 2024
  • T.C. “Lights, Camera… Action!”
    Digital Content Creation; Raches 🇬🇷, Sep 2024
  • T.C. “Cinema Paradiso”
    Social Videos Production; Villaviciosa 🇪🇸, Sep 2024

As a facilitator:

  • Y.E. (KA2) “Global Youth Advocacy”
    Advocacy and Youth Participation; Avilés 🇪🇸, Dec 2018
  • Y.E. “Empathy for Better Future”
    Social Cooperation; Alicante 🇪🇸, May 2019
  • Y.E. “We are all Nomads”
    Social Inclusion; Alicante 🇪🇸, Oct 2019
  • Y.E. (KA3) “Demo-Youth”
    Youth Learning; Avilés 🇪🇸, Nov 2021
  • Y.E. “Progress in Work”
    Soft Skills for Employability; Piedras Blancas 🇪🇸, Jul 2022
  • Y.E. “EUdentity”
    European Identity through Visual Arts; Oviedo 🇪🇸, Aug 2022
  • Y.E. “Theatre Climate Camp 2.0”
    Creativity, Activism, Sustainability; Langreo 🇪🇸, Apr 2023
  • Y.E. “Guardians of Earth”
    Sustainability; Langreo 🇪🇸, Jul 2024

[Y.E. = Youth Exchange; T.C. = Training Course; A.P.V. = Advance Planning Visit; KA2, KA3 = Key Actions 2 and 3 of the Erasmus+ Programme]

All the Erasmus+ experiences are projects dedicated to youngsters from of all Europe and partner countries, financed by the EU Community. The main aim is to promote intercultural exchange through the development of different topics.

As a group leader:

  • Y.E. “Verbena County”, Youth Participation; Valenzuela 🇪🇸, Jun 2017
  • A.P.V. “The Clown with Me”, Social Participation; Daugavpils 🇱🇻, Sep 2017
  • Y.E. “Exploring Opportunities”, Youth Entrepreneurship; Sirogonjo 🇷🇸, Dec 2017
  • Y.E. “Diversity! Part I”; Diversity in Europe; Wiesbaden 🇩🇪, Aug 2018
  • Y.E. “Map 2 Future”; Identification and Improvement of Soft Skills; Salerno 🇮🇹, Oct 2018
  • A.P.V. “Green Europe”, Environment, Creativity, Inclusion; Mérignac 🇫🇷, Mar 2019
  • A.P.V. + Y.E. “Europe United”; Solidarity and European Values; Athens 🇬🇷, Apr 2019
  • Y.E. “Diversity! Part II”; Diversity in Europe; Hostens 🇫🇷, Jul 2019
  • Y.E. “Don’t Talk to Strangers”, Digital Citizenship; Samobor 🇭🇷, Mar 2021
  • Y.E. “ECO Friends”; Ecology and Sustainability; Tarragona 🇪🇸, April 2022
  • Y.E. “Tool for Cultural Promoters”; Culture and Heritage; Ameno 🇮🇹, July 2022
  • Y.E. (KA2) “It’s Time!”; Youth Participation and Sustainability; São Luís 🇵🇹, Aug 2023

As a participant:

  • Y.E. “Don’t Mind the Gap”, Project Management; Gandia 🇪🇸, Sep 2016
  • Y.E. “Step into the Future”, Youth Employment; Sibenik 🇭🇷, Apr 2017
  • T.C. “Moving Youth”, Education through Sports; Samobor 🇭🇷, Aug 2017
  • Y.E. “Play Forward”, Human Rights and Sports; Ommen 🇳🇱, Aug 2017
  • E.V.S. “Lights Camera Action”; Vila Real de San Antonio 🇵🇹 🇪🇸, Oct – Dec 2017
  • E.V.S. “Como està El Patio”; Avilés 🇪🇸, Jan – Oct 2018
  • T.C. “Play Station”; Education through Games; Bruxelles 🇧🇪, Oct 2018
  • T.C. “Global Coaching”; Coaching and Mentoring; Hollókő 🇭🇺, Feb 2019
  • T.C. “Between Theory and Practice”, Training of Trainers; Leszno 🇵🇱, Jul 2019
  • T.C. “Inclusive Outdoors”, Inclusion through Outdoor Activities; London 🇬🇧, Aug 2019
  • T.C. “Video Impact”, Social Promotional Video Making; Limassol 🇨🇾, Sep 2019
  • T.C. “Markers”, Graphic Facilitation in Youth Work; Tallinn 🇪🇪, Jan 2020
  • T.C. “goInternational”, International Cooperation for Youth Policies; Vilnius 🇱🇹, Feb 2020
  • T.C. “The Social Entrepreneurial Youth Worker”, S. Entrepreneurship; Zagreb 🇭🇷, Sep 2020
  • T.C. “Youth Voice through a European Digital Radio”, Networking; Online 🌐, Apr 2021
  • T.C. “Game On!”, Youth Participation through Gamification; Mollina 🇪🇸, May 2021
  • T.C. “Stay Sane”, Mental Health; Šaštín-Strážea 🇸🇰, Aug 2021
  • T.C. “Youth Voice through a European Digital Radio”, Networking; Bari 🇮🇹, Dec 2021
  • T.C. “Safebook”, Safety and Security in Youth Work; Niš 🇷🇸, Sep 2022
  • T.C. “KA2: Sin secretos”; Erasmus+ Key Action 2; online 🌐🇪🇸, Feb 2023
  • T.C. “Diversity in Cinema”, Filmmaking as Educational Tool; Cubillos del Sil 🇪🇸, Mar 2023
  • Seminar “WorkQUAholics”, Quality in Project Management; Grudziądz 🇵🇱, Jul 2023
  • SALTO TRAINING OF TRAINERS (ToT), Empowerment of International Youth Educators;
    Coimbra 🇵🇹, Sep 2023 | Bonn 🇩🇪, Jan 2024 | Amendolea 🇮🇹, Jun 2024

[Y.E. = Youth Exchange; T.C. = Training Course; A.P.V. = Advance Planning Visit; E.V.S. = European Voluntary Service]

Essentially, I always participated in summer camps and weekly activities since I was 6. I started to be an animator when my time as a child finished; so I became an animator at first by inertia. Time let me know that that was my way and lead me to make myself more responsible as a person and so has a worker, becoming summer camps’ organizer.

  • Various Communities (2010 – 2021)
    12 summer camps as a organizer, supervisor and responsible of the activities and the proper conduction of them in the Oratories of Cressa (2010 – 2013), S.Stefano di Borgomanero (2012 – 2013), Bogogno/Suno (2015), Vaprio d’Agogna (2016), Salesian Institute Don Bosco (2016 – 2021).
  • Los Glayus (2018)
    1 Summer camp while doing a training course for supervisors. Association of Avilés, Spain.
  • Various Communities (2013 – 2017)
    2 summer camps as an animator for the Oratory of Pella (2013) and the Municipality of San Maurizio d’Opaglio (2017).
  • Oratory of Borgomanero (2000 – 2009)
    10 summer camps, 3 sleepaway camps and 10 years of activities during the whole year.

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