My interactive CV

Here you can find all my experiences, from the beginning to the present. But basically, this is the space where I experiment whatever I want, trying to show all my best!

Latest update: July 2021

 I’ve been a Youth Worker for all my life, but I discovered it since I met the Erasmus+ world. From that moment my life changed and so my professional way: my curiosity led me, step by step, at first to participate and lead groups, then to facilitate and train youngsters from all the world in my daily life and in international projects.

I decided to dedicate myself to what makes me burn with passion, trying always to grow more, stay young and never stop learning and being amazed of world, youth and – more than all – myself. 


Here are all my relevant experiences behind the school tables. Basically, I always followed all my passions and realized my studies in a formal education system in my own Country. You can find also all the courses I attended.


Degree in Tourism Sciences and local communities at “Milano-Bicocca University” with 91/110.


Master Degree in Web Marketing for Entertainment Industry, conferred by Napier Academy.


  • EFSET English Certificate | CEFR C2 | EF Education First

  • Spanish Language and Culture | CEFR C1 | Erasmus+ OLS
  • Eccellenze in Digitale | IAB Europe & Google
  • European Computer Driving Licence | AICA
  • Settimana della Formazione – Social Media Marketing | GT idea srl

  • Youthpass – Recognition of non-formal learning in the youth field (15+ certificates released by the European Community after Erasmus+ courses) | European Commission

  • Google developer challenge scholarship 2017/18 | Udacity & Google

  • Association management: project development | CMX Gijón & CMPA Asturias
  • Coordinator of Youth Activities | Asociación Los Glayus, Oviedo

Job Experiences

I made a lot of jobs, starting from bars and restaurants until my own projects. Here you can find my most important experiences, professional or personal. For a more detailed explanation and for having a look of my works, visit the Portfolio section.

Before understanding my vocation, I studied and worked in other completely different fields. I have always volunteered with young people in summer camps and courses for animators for passion, realizing then that this is my way, and I will try to travel on it with all my heart.

  • Asociación Cultural L’Ayalguina (Sep 2018 – Present) 🇪🇸
    Youth worker, trainer, facilitator and project coordinator. YEuropa! project
  • Ye Too Ponese (Nov 2018 – Present) 🇪🇸
    Youth worker, designer of activities and workshops for NEET youngsters.
  • Freelance Trainer and facilitator in Erasmus+ projects (Aug 2018 – Present)
    🇪🇸 Asociación Cultural En Construcción
    ↳ 4 youth exchanges
    🇪🇸 Associació Cultura Creativa
    ↳ 1 training course; 2 youth exchanges
    🇵🇱 YoWo Poland
    ↳ 2 traning courses; 1 youth exchange
  • M2W Sport (June 2016 – Present) 🇮🇹
    Supervisor, designer, responsible of the activities of the summer camps.


    • Tierravoz Producciones (Feb 2020 – Jul 2020) 🇪🇸
      Trainer in a juvenile welfare home, delivering audiovisual workshops.
    • Europa Aquí (Jan 2018 – Oct 2018) 🇪🇸
      European Voluntary Service working in the youth field, organizing workshops and events for the youth services of the municipality; focused on a project with youngsters NEET, helping with different projects related to active citizenship’s groups and international mobility.

    As an inbound marketer, I’m always trying to find new ways and techniques for drawing customers to products and services via content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization. It’s not so easy to get found!

    • I FILM DA VEDERE (Mar 2011 – Present) 🇮🇹
      Website of movie reviews that administrators and customers think are the best of ever. Thematic articles, an advanced search engine based on personal tastes and charts. It’s my most important project, personally developed with two colleagues. Additionally, I’m its web designer, content creator, promoter, social media manager.

    • Europa Aquí (Jan 2018 – Oct 2018) 🇪🇸
      International Youth Mobility Office of Avilés (Spain), a service to bring European education and training programs closer to young people. I worked for this association managing the social media channels, building the website, creating contents and developing a visual strategy in order to promote their activities.
    • FRONTEiRAS (Jan 2017 – Oct 2017) 🇪🇸 🇵🇹
      International cinema festival based in Ayamonte (Spain) and Vila Real de Santo António (Portugal), second edition. I did a short-term European Voluntary Service taking care of the visual strategy of the online communication of the event, building the website, creating contents, managing the social networks and producing media.

    Since the creation of I FILM DA VEDERE, I discovered a passion for the web world, especially for creating web pages – at first for friends. So I decided to develop this impulse with online courses but, most than all, experimenting. Here you can find my professional works.

    We can say that there can not be promotion and marketing without social media channels. I grew up with My Space, MSN and Netlog; then came Facebook and everything changed (my life too): more addiction, more connection. “Good or bad?” will always be the question, but it’s sure that all the social networks are useful and effective… if the use you make is correct.

    One passion I always had is producing videos and media; something in which I’ve always dedicated a lot of time and efforts. Starting from personal projects to professional works, you can find my most relevant editings in my Portfolio.

    Before devoting myself to what I like, I had many temporary jobs. Here you can find the most significant experiences. Bills has to be paid!

    • MondoRed Srl (Feb 2017 – Apr 2017) 🇮🇹
      Cardano al Campo, Varese. Internship in a Web Agency. Sales and Consulency, SEO strategies, ADV campaigns, Customer Support
    • Mille Mete Viaggi (Jan 2015 – Jul 2015) 🇮🇹
      Gozzano, Novara. Internship in a Travel Agency. Trip Planner, Promoter, Social Media Manager, Secretary, Office Work
    • Il Circolino ARCI (Jan 2011 – Jun 2016) 🇮🇹
      Maggiora, Novara. Local bar. Bartender, Organizer of Private Events, Social Media Manager, Media Producer, Promoter
    • Spazio Per (Jan 2010 – Dec 2012) 🇮🇹
      Borgomanero, Novara. Local bar. Bartender, Organizer of Private Events, Social Media Manager, Media Producer, Promoter
    • Centro Sportivo Italiano (Sep 2009 – Jun 2010) 🇮🇹
      Gozzano, Novara. Italian Civil Service. Organizer of Sportive Events and Tournaments, Promoter, Social Media Manager
    • Pizza Sì (Sep 2006 – Aug 2009) 🇮🇹
      Borgomanero, Novara. Delivery man.


    • Italian 100% 100%
    • English 90% 90%
    • Spanish 92% 92%
    • Portuguese 12% 12%
    • HTML 90% 90%

    Hard Skills


    Seedling on Apple iOS 13.1  Youth Work

    Folded Hands on Apple   Group Facilitation

    Game Die on Apple iOS 12.2  Educational Games Design

    Film Frames on Apple iOS 12.2  Video Production

    Laptop Computer on Apple iOS 13.1  Web Design

    Mobile Phone on Apple iOS 12.2  Media Workshops



    • Windows 90% 90%
    • Mac OS 65% 65%
    • MS Office package 95% 95%
    • Wordpress / CMS 90% 90%
    • Adobe Photoshop 75% 75%
    • Adobe Premiere 87% 87%

    Soft Skills


    Thumbs Up on Apple   Responsibility
    Open Book on Apple   Quick Learning
    Artist Palette on Apple   Creativity
    Man Raising Hand: Light Skin Tone on Apple   Flexibility
    Speaking Head on Apple   Communication
    Hourglass Not Done on Apple   Time Management
    Light Bulb on Apple   Decision Making
    Magnifying Glass Tilted Left on Apple   Detail Orientation
    Stopwatch on Apple   Work Under Pressure
    Handshake on Apple   Build Relationships

    Youth Worker

    My passions lead me to spend my time working with young people, doing things for young people. Some of these experiences are voluntary ones, some not. I consider myself lucky to have had so many opportunities to challenge myself in different contexts and communities, always gaining a little bit more of experience and, more than all, happiness.

    All the Erasmus+ experiences are projects dedicated to youngsters of all Europe and partner countries, financed by the EU Community. The main aim is to promote intercultural exchange through the development of different topics.

    As a trainer / facilitator / organizer:

    • Y.E. “Diversity! Part I”; Diversity in Europe; Wiesbaden 🇩🇪, Aug 2018
    • Y.E. “Global Youth Advocacy”; Advocacy and Youth Participation; Avilés 🇪🇸, Dec 2018
    • T.C. for beginners in CES; training organized by the Spanish NA; Oviedo 🇪🇸, Apr 2019
    • Y.E. “Empathy for Better Future”; Social Cooperation; Alicante 🇪🇸, May 2019
    • Y.E. “Diversity! Part II”; Diversity in Europe; Hostens 🇫🇷, Jul 2019
    • Y.E. “We are all Nomads”; Social Inclusion; Alicante 🇪🇸, Oct 2019
    • T.C. “Soft Skills for Hard Youth Workers”; Soft Skills Development, Alicante 🇪🇸, Dec 2019
    • T.C. “Dare to Draw”; Graphic Facilitation in Youth Work; Warsaw 🇵🇱, Sep 2021
    • T.C. for beginners in CES; training organized by the Spanish NA; Oviedo 🇪🇸, Oct 2021
    • T.C. “Employ-Abilities”; Soft Skills for Youth Workers; Warsaw 🇵🇱, Jan 2022
    • Y.E. “Progress in Work”; Soft Skills for Employability; Piedras Blancas 🇪🇸, Jun 2022

    [Y.E. = Youth Exchange; T.C. = Training Course; A.P.V. = Advance Planning Visit]

    All the Erasmus+ experiences are projects dedicated to youngsters of all Europe and partner countries, financed by the EU Community. The main aim is to promote intercultural exchange through the development of different topics.

    As a group leader:

    • Y.E. “Verbena County”, Youth Participation; Valenzuela 🇪🇸, Jun 2017
    • A.P.V. “The Clown with Me”, Social Participation; Daugavpils 🇱🇻, Sep 2017
    • Y.E. “Exploring Opportunities”, Youth Entrepreneurship; Sirogonjo 🇷🇸, Dec 2017
    • Y.E. “Map 2 Future”; Identification and Improvement of Soft Skills; Salerno 🇮🇹, Oct 2018
    • A.P.V. “Green Europe”, Environment, Creativity, Inclusion; Mérignac 🇫🇷, Mar 2019
    • A.P.V. + Y.E. “Europe United”; Solidarity and European Values; Athens 🇬🇷, Apr 2019
    • Y.E. “Don’t Talk to Strangers”, Digital Citizenship; Samobor 🇭🇷, Mar 2021

    As a participant:

    • Y.E. “Don’t Mind the Gap”, Project Management; Gandia 🇪🇸, Sep 2016
    • Y.E. “Step into the Future”, Youth Employment; Sibenik 🇭🇷, Apr 2017
    • T.C. “Moving Youth”, Education through Sports; Samobor 🇭🇷, Aug 2017
    • Y.E. “Play Forward”, Human Rights and Sports; Ommen 🇳🇱, Aug 2017
    • E.V.S. “Lights Camera Action”; Vila Real de San Antonio 🇵🇹 🇪🇸, Oct – Dec 2017
    • E.V.S. “Como està El Patio”; Avilés 🇪🇸, Jan – Oct 2018
    • T.C. “Play Station”; Education through Games; Bruxelles 🇧🇪, Oct 2018
    • T.C. “Global Coaching”; Coaching and Mentoring; Hollókő 🇭🇺, Feb 2019
    • T.C. “Between Theory and Practice”, Training of Trainers; Leszno 🇵🇱, Jul 2019
    • T.C. “Inclusive Outdoors”, Inclusion through Outdoor Activities; London 🇬🇧, Aug 2019
    • T.C. “Video Impact”, Social Promotional Video Making; Limassol 🇨🇾, Sep 2019
    • T.C. “Markers”, Graphic Facilitation in Youth Work; Tallinn 🇪🇪, Jan 2020
    • T.C. “goInternational”, International Cooperation for Youth Policies; Vilnius 🇱🇹, Feb 2020
    • T.C. “The Social Entrepreneurial Youth Worker”, S. Entrepreneurship; Zagreb 🇭🇷, Sep 2020
    • T.C. “Youth Voice through a European Digital Radio”, Networking; Online 🌐, Apr 2021
    • T.C. “Game On!”, Youth Participation through Gamification; Mollina 🇪🇸, May 2021
    • T.C. “Stay Sane”, Mental Health; Šaštín-Strážea 🇸🇰, Aug 2021

    [Y.E. = Youth Exchange; T.C. = Training Course; A.P.V. = Advance Planning Visit; E.V.S. = European Voluntary Service]

    Essentially, I always participated in summer camps and weekly activities since I was 6. I started to be an animator when my time as a child finished; so I became an animator at first by inertia. Time let me know that that was my way and lead me to make myself more responsible as a person and so has a worker, becoming summer camps’ organizer.

    • Various Communities (2010 – 2019)
      12 summer camps as a organizer, supervisor and responsible of the activities and the proper conduction of them in the Oratories of Cressa (2010 – 2013), S.Stefano di Borgomanero (2012 – 2013), Bogogno/Suno (2015), Vaprio d’Agogna (2016), Salesian Institute Don Bosco (2016 – 2019).
    • Los Glayus (2018)
      1 Summer camp while doing a training course for supervisors. Association of Avilés, Spain.
    • Various Communities (2013 – 2017)
      2 summer camps as an animator for the Oratory of Pella (2013) and the Municipality of San Maurizio d’Opaglio (2017).
    • Oratory of Borgomanero (2000 – 2009)
      10 summer camps, 3 sleepaway camps and 10 years of activities during the whole year.

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